How to not suck at Huis Ten Bosch’s Children First half of day 1

How to not suck at Huis Ten Bosch’s Children First half of day 1

In the first half of 2018 GW, it was a two day trip to Huisten Bos.

It is about 3 hours by car from Kumamoto so it is the fifth time in Huis Ten Bosch in the past ten years.

Meanwhile, I thought that I wanted to manage to suffer a sudden massive adult group all the time.

The rough strategy stayed at a hotel in Huis Ten Bosch, the first day after check-in started action from the evening, the next day I feel like going round the rest from early in the morning.

I tried such a rough plan.

Because it is GW, congestion is supposed. The Nagasaki Expressway was a traffic jam of about an hour.

Arrival at Huis Ten Bosch

Check-in is from 15 o’clock but I arrived around 13 o’clock.

This time I reserved a hotel with a plan with Hotel Amsterdam 1 DAY passport and re-entry passport, so we responded when talking to the person at the sales floor of the ticket counter.

In addition, hotels “The three hotels” in hotel in Huisten Bosch automatically get “quick pass” to Amsterdam, Hotel Europe, Forest Villa.

. . . It seems I can not use it during the busy season lol

I used it because it was April 29th 30th

5/3 to 5/5, 7/15, 7/21, 8/11 to 8/14, 9/22, 10/7, 11/3, 11/24, 12/22 to 12/24, 12 / 29 to 12/31,
2019/1/1, 1/2, 2/10, 3/23, 3/30
Quick path benefits are not available during the above period.

It is that.

When you pass the immigration gate, the rental bicycle shop and dinosaurs jump into your eyes.

Well, I will relax and walk to Amsterdam.

Hotel Amsterdam

Really, it looks like Europe.

I remember Belgian studying abroad.

The building on the left is the Hotel Amsterdam. It’s fancy to have lunch on the terrace.

I ordered a salad plate fashionably.

Also sausages. The shade is cooler and the beer advances.

Is cobblestone better than concrete?

It was check in time because I took a relaxing lunch (drinking), so I checked in.

Dinosaur forest

I took a picture only because I was not able to shoot, but 1% difficulty was not interesting to falling w

Children. . I feel like I’ve enjoyed it so much w

Searching for QR code and searching for “WRITE QR code” just for me.

Because it was that thing of quickpath accepted priority ~ so I showed a quick path, but it seems like I could go without having a quick pass. . .

Well, I enjoyed it as it was, I walked and my stomach came down, so I looked for dinner!

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