Kumejima travelogue: the last day drive

Kumejima travelogue: the last day drive

The last day of Kumejima is an island of 40 minutes even if it makes a round, so relaxing drive.

As soon as I got up earlier, I played tennis at the hotel’s tennis court.

It was a hot summer.


The sightseeing map of Kumejima is like this.

First we headed to the place called “Kumejima Sea Turtle Hall” located on the right side of the island.

Kumejima Sea Turtle Hall

There was a sea turtle in a place like a cage.

It seems that children adequately are unsatisfactory but children under 5 have enjoyed enough.

Hiyajo Banta

“Banta” seems to be a cliff.

It is the observation deck.

It was a wonderful experience though it was a picturesque picture.

Horizontal lines spread out extensively and the earth is round. . Togetherness.

Shinri Beach

And Shinri Beach.

After all it is beautiful.

Kumejima trip was three nights and four days.

Anyway the beach is amazing, the sea is amazing. I can relax.


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