Seriously! What? Daps !!!!! You do not swap with peepcoin! What? Major crash!

Seriously! What? Daps !!!!! You do not swap with peepcoin! What? Major crash!

The official Peepcoin – DAPS Project coordinator decided not to swap for the reasons below! It seems to say that. . .

Reason 1

According to the survey, seven wallets with over 595 billion peepcoins seem to be found.

Reason 2

As the wallet is alive, it seems to predict there is a danger that prices will be manipulated if they sell all at once.

Reason 3

You are doing a Daps project to make old developers profitable.

The coordinator’s conclusion
Therefore, we decided that DAPS will become more secure as a standalone entity. For this purpose, the DAPS team has concluded the best way for chain security to completely terminate the swap plan.

My opinion

I did not know it! ! !

What is Daps! ! What is non-centralized! ! !

You are not making individual judgment of centralized type! !

There is no choice but to pray that the heart will change or a new swap destination will come out. . .

No, the old developers, come back! w

Since I bought it early, I have quite a number of sheets, but 100 times unexploded mortality has collapsed ten times as much as unreal figure.


However, with this decision (unless you change your mind) Daps will be as good as finished. . . I can not trust the Daps project anymore. .

Moreover, it is troubled even if the same sudden and curative plan is changed.

Official coordinator information source

Fxxck off!

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