I tried developing NEM WALLET

I tried developing NEM WALLET

There were various in the coin check with the NEM holder (Tecka NEM is not bad at all, it is rather a hero) So like NEM likes, neither programmers nor engineers anything I just wanted to say “NEM WALLET developed” It developed seriously.

Is not it called development? Production?

But I think about mass production because there is a reverberation there.

Well, at first I thought about it, but when I seriously tried photograph prototyping, I was pretty sticking to the fabric so that I could actually use it for a long time.

It is thick, so that the logo of NEM will not collapse.

When mass-producing, we are planning a slight fine adjustment. Even if we say mass production, it is about 300 pieces. .

Produce NEM in part with accuracy.

Although it is not a programmer, since it is a former designer, I am committed to design and functionality.

It is sturdy.

I am trying to develop a white version though the ground is black.

A figure for achieving the project KPI

This project has achieved 100% with this ↑ (a few other people), but since it was fun, I would like to extend it.

I would be happy if we could donate even a small amount for mass production.

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