My profile

I am running a company with a suspicious title titled IT Business Model Consultant.

I was 23 when I started a business. He is a man born in 1975.
Especially my entrepreneurial consciousness was not high, although I was working for the company at that time, when I was doing a job such as graphic design with my side job, I quit the company casually when I was about to become able to eat it.

Income earned in the early 20s who did not sing cheerfully and did not fly and annual income was about 3 million although it was a fun work and a hobby such as VJ · DJ and night skiing was fully operating 24 hours a day. It is a mystery when I think about when I was asleep.

I hit a big hit when I meet the dating system at the age of 25, invest 6 million and start running the dating system.

Monthly earnings exceed 3 million in 2 months.
However, since various legal restrictions related to advertising such as spam mail were enacted, it will not be possible until we do not invest firmly in advertising since we have enacted various advertising related laws and regulations and we did not want to continue so far, so we will quit the project in ten months It was. I ceased to cherish.

At the time, the motivation for business was not high, the money earned was spared by the living tax and playing.

After that, I thought that I would like to do more real content business, mass-producing various content of Garakae such as games, began to produce hit content at batting rate of about 20%.

However, with the advent of smaho, further investment for smartphone correspondence development was necessary, this time we sell the contents to various companies and ceased to quit.

While practicing alone, from planning to operation · marketing and monetization, repeating success and failure, there is no means of success, but knowing how to fail does not change for age and tool changes, not only consultants, human gold I renewed my company to make various interesting things as partners using.

Currently I personally enjoy various business investments.

Last year I gained a little knowledge from Genesis When I purchased virtual currency bit coins etc. I want to get more knowledge about block chains and get deep knowledge, assets will be multiplied by 100 times … in three months ….
Despite the turbulence, I have not been interested in asset management at all until now, but it got out just fine.

Of course, I am also interested in technology called block chain and I am studying variously.

Although I got married at the age of 29 but the life rhythm did not change in particular and the basic family members were sad because the job I love is done, but when the asset got 100 times as much as I got the thing I wanted, I do not need it … “and why the change of the mind.

Although I do not lose my luck, I began to think that I want to cherish more time with my family when I do not care if I want something. At the same time we will start seeking to do something that can be said to contribute to society. For example, food disposal problems.