Singapore travel record Sea aquarium

Singapore travel record Sea aquarium

There is also an aquarium on Sentosa Island.

Its name is “Sea Aquarium”

About sea aquarium

Along the Silk Road of the sea leading from Southeast Asia to the African subcontinent, the appearance of the sea is reproduced in 10 zones.
You can appreciate over 800 thousand marine life.

S $ 34 for adults and S $ 24 for children and seniors.

It seems to be the world’s largest. Surely it seemed bigger than the Churaumi Aquarium.

Ocean Gallery

A huge powerful aquarium with 50,000 marine life swimming like Aye, Sharks, Napoleon Fish, Manta. Its size is 8.3 meters high, 36 meters wide,
It is the largest in the world with a thickness of 70 cm.

It was a masterpiece.

Because the aquarium itself is large, there are many tourists who have a relaxing break here.

Shark Sea

Numerous sharks are seen from the glass-bound tunnel passage.

Again a lot of tourists here. Because I am tired from walking, there are countless places where I can sit on and it is a kind aquarium.


I was able to see dolphins in the vicinity where goods and items are sold.

At this time it was only one. . I wonder whether it was being driven to a dolphin show. .


The inside of the hall was an oasis in many ways on the hot Sentosa Island listening to air conditioning.

It seems like waiting time was about 40 minutes. .

It is raining on this day and it is hot and humid, but it is the highest in Sentosa Island where facilities can be enjoyed indoors.

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