TV show

TV show

I started English daily from today. Today…I as usual I exercised by Exercise bicycle about one hour at morning.

Then I started work. I worked some online meeting and I worked some wrote Proposal document.

I worked at home today. As a remotework.

so I had watch TV during worked.

On TV brordcast show,I saw ship sinking news.

The news was that sinked”Shiretoko Tour boat” .

That’s so bad news and so sad.
but more than that tv show’s how to told was so cheep.

They what say just “Who is bad?””Who that Responsible person?”.

Aye you what? Are you a jugement? Are you a justice?

No, I thik you are just the person who tells for true. It’s Unnecessary that opinion of predict.

We need just fact.

They shoud’t be become like a mystery entertainment it.

New words

sinking = 沈没