at the bar

at the bar

You know what, I’ve drinking every I went to downtown to drink as usual.
First, I went to the small IZAKAYA,Then I went to the bar that drink with girls for the first time in a long time. with my co-workers.

so,When I was drinking, my smartphone ringing. It was my client partner.

I answered the phone and he ask me ” Where your favolite bar?” and he goes on “If. you have a time,would you drink with us?”

I was just leaving the bar right now,I agred his offer.

when I arrived the bar he drinking with his client.

I didn’t know that client because he didn’t tell that.

I have some faces.
and I belong some companies.

He introduced his client to me.

When I’m going to give my namecard to his client but he stoped me.

he said “I haven’t made his business card yet.”

so, I realized situation it.

I behaved I am his co-workers.

from that I was so hard for behaved for fit it situation.

but it was pretty fun time.