at the bar

at the bar

Well anyway, I’ve been drinking every day. so I went downtown to drink as usual. First, I went to a small IZAKAYA, Then I went to a bar to drink with girls for the first time in a while with my co workers.

When I was drinking, my smartphone started ringing. It was my business partner. I answered the phone and he asked me ” Where is your favorite bar?” and he said “If you have time, can you come and have a drink with us?”

So I agreed and left the bar and went to see him. When I arrived at his bar, he was drinking with his client, I realised I didn’t know that client because he didn’t introduce me to him before.

I have a lot of different business cards and I realised I had assignments with his company. My business partner wanted me to act like I was employed by him, actually it is a complicated situation and hard to explain. Anyway I had a good time.